August 2013

• Firefox Beta for Android supports WebRTC
• Is WebRTC ready yet?
• HTML5 Rocks article updated, excellent Mozilla articles
• MediaStream.getSources() enables camera and microphone selection: demo
...and there is a proposal to select audio or video output device:
• IETF 87 unanimously agreed the Unified Plan: extensions to SDP, the format used for exchanging metadata in WebRTC – crucial for enabling WebRTC to cope with large numbers of 'media flows', i.e. sessions with lots of participants 
• Lots of new WebRTC telehealth projects: remote consultation, document sharing and remote monitoring: HealthdirectOndello… 


• Intent to Implement MSE on Android
• Alpha transparency in Canary: demo
• MediaRecorder API:
• Firefox Nightly implementation, audio only as yet: demo
• Chrome Intent to Implement
• Discussion of using Streams API
• In-band WebVTT:
• Just like <track> but data is embedded in .webm file
• Currently MSE only, non-MSE in progress (i.e. <video src='foo.webm'>)
• Currently requires --enable-inband-text-tracks
• Microsoft Open Tech MPEG-DASH library: dash.js
• Web Speech demos (both work in Canary): recognition, synthesis

And finally...
• Tipping point for media viewing as couch potatoes go digital: US adults now spend more hours consuming digital media than TV – average five hours nine minutes online per day, TV four hours 31 minutes; mobile web two hours 21 minutes per day
• BBC R&D In Session: broadcast is moving to the internet, slowly
• Google Research computer vision project: ‘A flash of red bobbing along the ground might be a child’s toy in the context of a playground or a rooster in the context of a farmyard’
• Old post on Gigaom: study showing people give up on video that doesn't load quickly (!)
• Mail Online news site records 134m users in July, 10.6m in one day

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