September 2015

Better late than never! Lots of big stories this month.

Codecs, compression, containers
StreamingMedia survey: 10% of responders plan to support VP9 by 2020 (vs 1% today)
• HEVC Advance reconsidering pricing strategy

BBC to open up iPlayer to other broadcasters
•  'Any half-remembered bit of TV or radio findable in 30 seconds or less'
Facebook 360 video
Beta HTML5 BBC iPlayer for desktop (using dash.js)
video.js 5.0: major update
FOMS 2015 and Demuxed 2015 in SF chromiumdev on Slack #media

WebRTC, realtime, communication
Kranky Geek SF: 14 excellent sessions
Delay Agnostic AEC turned on for all Chrome users
WhatsApp Hits 900M Monthly Users, Edges Closer To An Actual Business Model
First ever call between Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Video of hummingbird in 240fps slomo on Nexus 6P

Web Audio
Cat purr synthesiser (you may or may not also want to sample the bagpipes)

Exploring the Crossorigin Media Attribute in HTML5 (from HTML5 Weekly)
• chrome://media-internals: debug media playback