July 2016

Adaptive streaming
• For HLS on iOS 10, an HLS manifest is still required, but you can use DASH-compatible ISO BMFF/CMAF streams:
  • HLS Now Supports Fragmented MP4 Making it Compatible With DASH
  •  CMAF: What it is and why it may change your OTT future

• Safari 10.12 will require click-to-use Flash
The Agonizingly Slow Decline of Adobe Flash Player

VR, AR, 360ยบ
VR Cinematography Studies for Google: VR Cinematography Studies for Google
Project Tango: Lenovo Phab 2 Pro phone has depth and motion tracking cameras, with AR processing incorporated in Snapdragon chip.
Twitter AR/VR team (from Benedict Evans)

Offline media
Facebook will test video downloads for offline viewing

• Tribune (publisher of LA Times and Chicago Tribune) has rebranded as Tronc, which will serve as a 'content curation and monetization engine'.
Rupert Murdoch to invest millions in video for Sun and Times: News UK plans to make thousands of videos a year for papers’ websites, including advertising and live content
Alicia Keys latest artist to enforce no cell phone policy at concerts
Vice to launch in more than 50 new countries
Nielsen ratings for online viewing: younger audiences than traditional TV (for same shows), viewing figures comparable to cable
Google acquires Anvato: platform for video encoding, editing in the cloud, publishing and distribution
Ofcom report: for 16 to 24-year-olds, live TV viewing has fallen by more than a quarter and a third of all TV watching is via on-demand online services. 'Ofcom said, on average, individuals in the UK watched three hours and 36 minutes of measured broadcast TV a day last year, 26 minutes fewer than five years ago'.
YouTube increasingly popular with children: 35 of the top 100 YouTube channels are aimed at children.
IBM Cloud Video report: Many 'passive cancellations' (16% of total) because of credit card expiration; Netflix least cancelled service. 'When it comes to churn, too many ads and high costs are the most common reasons that subscribers cancel an SVOD service. Not enough content to watch and technical problems are next on the list ….'
How technology disrupted the truth

Web: audio and video
Intent to ship: Media Capture from <audio> and <video>
• Muted video autoplay is supported by Safari 10 and Android Chrome 53 and above (and autoplay is already supported by UC Browser and Firefox on Android)
react-vidz-player: a simple video player built in React, using vidz

WebRTC, messaging, live streaming
Intent to implement and ship: Unprefixed getUserMedia
WhatsApp: 100 million calls per day
Do 12% of WebRTC calls really fail?
Live streaming in China: one-year-old live-streaming app Ingkee hits #1 on Apple’s China app store (from Benedict Evans)

Image Formats
• Partial WebP support in Safari Beta (WebM project)
• WebP adoption growing on mobile: Yelp, Dollar Shave Club on iOS, King Games aka Candy Crush