August 2015

Codecs, compression, containers
• Google partners with Amazon, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix on the Alliance for Open Media. Commentary: TechCrunch, The Verge, Developer Tech, Android Police, Mozilla, Streaming Media
Microsoft Edge to support WebM Standard
• JavaScript WebM encoder: webm.js
HEVC Advance wants 0.5% of gross revenue for HEVC

WebRTC, realtime, messaging
•  When One App Rules Them All: The Case of WeChat and Mobile in China: 549 million monthly active users, over one billion registered users:
The way it achieves this goal is through one of the most unsurfaced aspects of WeChat: the pioneering model of “apps within an app”. Millions (note, not just thousands) of lightweight apps live inside WeChat, much like webpages live on the internet. 
This makes WeChat more like a browser for mobile websites, or, arguably, a mobile operating system — complete with its own proprietary app store.
I cannot emphasize the importance of this Wallet enough. It’s the Trojan horse that allows WeChat to quickly onboard user payment credentials that then unlock new monetization opportunities for the entire ecosystem.
WebRTC for 911: 'The software addresses two major weaknesses within most 911 systems: location accuracy and situational awareness.'
WebRTC in Safari?

Adaptive streaming, DASH, HLS...
• DASH in JWPlayer 7:
Google Shaka Player v1.4.1 released

Amazon reportedly paying $250M to snag former Top Gear stars
Amazon turned on the HTML5 player (using MSE/EME) on Chrome globally
Two-thirds of UK's Netflix and Amazon users don't watch their original shows
Pay TV rate of decline is acceleratingNetflix US not to renew deal with distributor Epix (Hunger Games, Transformers, etc.)
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: 4K screen, 23 megapixel UHD video camera with position sensor
Elemental acquired by Amazon Web Services (TechCrunch)
Fox UK to launch free-to-air channel YourTV targeting female viewers