November 2013

• New gUM draft with some significant changes:
• Added output device enumeration to GetSources()
• Introduced the Constrainable interface
• Removed createObjectURL
• getMediaDevices()
• Cisco is open-sourcing their H.264 implementation:
• Mozilla announcement
• Monty Montgomery
• Brendan Eich
• Hacker News
• Engadget
• GigaOM
• Citrix's first commercial WebRTC app Hutt
• Lots of discussion of using tracks instead of streams
• Make MediaStreams work with postMessage()?:
• WebRTC forecast

Web Audio
And finally...
• !media: the internet via SMS
• Netflix ditches WebKit
• analysis of Time Warner: 'The monument to the worst merger in corporate history can be found at Columbus Circle in Manhattan'
• Online video in China:
• 'TV is useless now; fortunately, we still have computers'
– fengkuangdeshiziMisselva on Weibo
• 450m viewers online, 700m by 2016
• Lots of online shows get lots of viewers, e.g. Youku comedy 'Surprise' 260m
• 30% in Beijing watch TV, down from 70% in 2009
• TV highly regulated, online video less so
• Online video companies spending $164m this year making their own shows
• But… few firms profitable
• 'This year the number of people watching online video on their mobile devices has surged. Analysts expect the arrival of fourth-generation mobile networks to accelerate this trend. People who watch shows on mobile devices spend more time viewing, overall, than those on desktop PCs ...'
• OTT messaging:
• 40 billion messages in 2013, double SMS
• Platforms for media and web apps: not just about communication
• Line in Japan made $132m in Q2 from virtual stickers!
• WeChat, based in China, budgeted $200m for overseas marketing this year