January 2014

• HEVC for Twitter images:

An important feature of HEVC is its rich set of intra modes which makes it an attractive candidate for coding still images as well. It has been shown to reduce the bitrate by about 17% compared to H.264/AVC, 22% compared to JPEG 2000, 32% compared to JPEG XR, 34% compared to WebP and 44% compared to JPEG for the same visual quality.
• 4K VP9 YouTube demoed at CES

• EngineHere online coding school using Tokbox
• 7 Creative Uses of WebRTC's Data Channel
• clmtrackr JavaScript face tracking library: face substitution demo
• Augmented Reality demo: overlaying various types of content over video from getUserMedia()

Web Audio
Quietnet chat program, built using pyaudio and Numpy

• MPAA joins W3C
• EME 101 article draft on HTML5 Rocks

• Successfully transitioned to Candidate Recommendation status:

And finally…
• Chrome 32 released with tab indicators
• OpenCV ported to Google Chrome NaCl and PNaCl
• Google awarded nearly 2,000 patents in the US in 2013
• Intel launches gesture recognition camera/sensor for PCs
• UK entertainment spending rises with surge in film and music streaming:

After five years of decline, sales of entertainment products such as music, films and video games were growing again last year because of booming digital services such as Netflix and Spotify …
• ...but Internet streaming won't save music – the industry still relies on hits
• Tablet usage overtakes desktop for BBC iPlayer
On Boxing Day there were 2.2m iPlayer requests from tablets, compared to 2.1m from computers (1.6m from other mobile devices): 'during the festive period of 2012 tablet usage was typically less than half that of computer viewing on the iPlayer'. However, desktop numbers rose above tablet later in the holidays: 'New Year's Day was the iPlayer's best-ever day, with nearly 11m programme requests, as computers (2.91m viewing requests) stayed ahead of tablets (2.65m).'
• Beats Music streaming service (interesting phrase: 'It was designed first for the mobile, not a [web] browser.')
• Color film of London from 1927
• Visage JavaScript face tracking
• $699 4K Dell 28" monitor