February 2014

• Things to watch for in 2014 (from Dean Bubley, full report):
• Telcos following in Telefonica/Tokbox steps & launching or buying developer-centric cloud platforms. NTT has already done so recently
• A bunch of surprising DataChannel applications emerging that are totally orthogonal to the mass of videoconferencing and normal-ish VoIP use-cases
• Lots of vertical-specific applications, especially in healthcare, education, finance and general retail.
• The first full-scale WebRTC enterprise platfoms for UC and contact centres
• More big web players piling into WebRTC (Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?). My money is on LinkedIn – how about recruitment video interviews directly on the website?
• WebRTC and advertising being blended somehow
• More non-browser WebRTC, especially in mobile. I'm expecting to see Android support aspects of WebRTC APIs natively in the OS.
• Tentative but unenthusiastic moves by Microsoft & Apple towards WebRTC as it gets standardised & a key HTML5 feature in browsers
• VP8/H264 getting resolved as either "both", "neither" or "who cares, anyway?" as everyone realises that transcoding is inevitable sometimes anyway
• Fragmentation occurs – but is manageable despite the complaints.
M32 release notes:
• SCTP data channel interop between Chrome and Firefox
• Notification UI for screen capture
• Added stop() method to MediaStreamTrack
• Command line flag --disable-webrtc-encryption
SkyWay WebRTC platform from NTT
Bolo: snake game using data channels
Marker tracking AR + WebGL + device orientation (also remembering Ilmari Heikkinen's excellent AR demo)
WebRTC and Net Neutrality: will your ISP block or relegate WebRTC traffic?
sharefest.me data channel file sharing now works between Firefox and Chrome, desktop and Android
• BitTorrent Sync 'cloudless' file sharing: getsync.com
Chrome Bugs Allow Sites to Listen to Your Private Conversations: widely tweeted, posted and reported (New York Times, BBC, etc., but in reality works nothing like the screencast)
WebRTC – a microbe in the world of HTML5: Chris Kranky article concerned at low awareness of WebRTC
secretlymeet.me: create websites that only last for a browser session, share via WebRTC data channels
iswebrtcreadyyet.com now has quality ratings from human reported feedback based on the last >1000 talky.io conversations. Perceived quality is higher for video than audio.
• 3D WebRTC!: Media Capture Depth Stream Extension
WebRTC Weekly: news roundup from Tsahi Levent-Levi
Android Opera 20 supports WebRTC

Bye Bye prefix!

And finally...
• Content-Type and sniffing for video element in blink-dev discussion
1.4Tb/s broadband achieved between London and Ipswich using ‘flexible grid’ infrastructure bundling seven 200Gb/s channels (equivalent to 44 uncompressed HD films a second)
Netflix subscriber numbers surge: now 44m subscribers, 'We plan later this year to embark on a substantial European expansion ...'
There’s something rotten in the state of online video streaming
• Peter-Paul Koch summary of 2013 Q4 browser stats
Avegant Glyph headset projects images on the retina
Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector