December 2014

• VP8 and H.264 mandated: see Codecs below
• Spec now at

• Spec now at

Codecs, containers, compression
• IETF overwhelming consensus that browsers must implement both VP8 and H.264; non-browsers must implement both (or either, if that codec is royalty free): 
• VP9 WebRTC – see WebRTC above
Windows 10 Native Support for MKV and FLAC
The Case for VP9
iPhone 6 FaceTime now Supports H.265. Where is VP9 for WebRTC?
VP8 hardware encode support substantially improved in Lollipop: 'Nexus 5, 6, and 9 support HW encode/decode in L via MediaCodec, with other devices coming soon as they update to L.'
MQA 'studio-quality music streaming technology'

Working Draft

• 'Five years ago, most of Facebook was text and if you fast forward five years, probably most of it is going to be video, just because it's getting easier to capture video of moments of your lives and share it.' – Mark Zuckerberg's first public Q&A (answer from about 37:46)
Laser + radio backhaul 2Gbps up to 10km
Mail Online TV?
Yahoo! to acquired BrightRoll
Why you can't get 4K Netflix and Amazon on a PC or Mac
YouTube is the new TV
YouTube launches monthly, ad-free music subscription service: could make $500m within one year
YouTube For Android Gets Offline Playback… But In India, Indonesia And Philippines Only
Ofcom Children’s Digital Day report: '11–15s squeeze nine and a half hours’ worth of media and communications activity into just over seven hours each day', teenagers watch TV half as much as adults
The Final Countdown for NPAPI

And finally…
Amazon Echo
Amazon has no taste
1:1 aspect ratio Eizo monitor
Full duplex radio for mobile phones
• From the vaults: TV Isn't Broken, So Why Fix It?
Pesky robot cameras
Larry Page tops Media Guardian 100
The rise and rise of… vinyl (sales up 49% from last year)

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