June 2014

Plugin-free Hangouts!
WebRTC + Google Glass for healthcare
Mystery Mozilla project: video chat client
RailsConf 2014: WebRTC Forever (Greg Baugues from Twilio)
O'Reilly WebRTC book
• Serverless WebRTC: npmjs.org/package/serverless-webrtc
• Google I/O live session: Making Music Mobile
WebRTC presentation from Justin and Serge at SFO event
WebRTC article in the Economist

Firefox to implement EME
Safari adds support for 'HTML5 Premium Video' (aka EME) and WebGL

YouTube announces 60fps support
Intent to Implement DataCue: an API for 'data cues' intended for JavaScript handling, not browser rendering 
HTML5 Video in Safari on OS X Yosemite (Netflix blog)
Easy audio capture with the MediaRecorder API
Firefox 30 released with VP9 decoding and support for Opus

And finally…
Blink Intent to ship Web Crypto
• Web Audio, Media Capture, ES6, Promises, HTTP/2 in development for IE: status.modern.ie.
AT&T to buy DirecTV for $48.5bn
Freesat offering paid content in deal with film company Curzon
Google reportedly set to buy Twitch
Spotify doubles subscribers in 18 months
YouTube and indie labels
Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2014 first slide:

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