July 2015

• Please stop using Microsoft Silverlight, says, err, Microsoft: 'We encourage companies that are using Silverlight for media to begin the transition to DASH/MSE/CENC/EME based designs … .'
• Replacing Flash: Adaptive Streaming and DRM in HTML5

Codecs, compression, containers
Thor: new codec from Cisco announced at IETF93
• New Patent Pool Wants 0.5% Of Every Content Owner/Distributor’s Gross Revenue For Higher Quality Video
• HEVC Advance: What Do the Royalties Mean for Video Publishers?
• New fees cast shadow on next-gen high-quality streaming video

Adaptive streaming, DASH, HLS...
• Hulu's Move to DASH (though not recommended for desktop)
• BBC Video Factory: Updating the creation and distribution systems for on demand video: they provide 30 (!) video delivery variants and are beginning DASH distribution.
• New version of Shaka Player: switching representations faster, live stream seek ranges more accurate, multilingual encrypted content fixed
• High performance video for the Web with Shaka Player
• An Unhappy Surprise: MPEG LA Is Forming a Patent Pool for DASH

Chrome video
• Buttery smooth video rendering in M44 — The design doc for Project Butter

Web Audio
• Building a Realtime Music Sync Collaboration App With PubNub

• Official Chrome extension to limit IP addresses used by WebRTC: extension, announcement
• GarageBand is great but SoundTrap is a collaborative music app for everyone
• Select output audio device, two demos:
• Capture a canvas to a MediaStream with captureStream() in Firefox 41: release notes, bug (thanks Christoffer Jansson)
• Groupama 'social network' that connects Auvergne farmers with potential customers (thanks Tsahi)
• Wiresharking Wire — guess who :)


• Netflix Is the #3 Broadcaster in the U.S., Will Be #1 in 2016
• How public service broadcasting shapes up worldwide (not exactly worldwide: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, US)
• Pearson sold the FT to Nikkei for $1.3bn. Benedict Evans: 'Remember how paywalls wouldn't work? They do if you have good enough content.'
• This Chart Shows Why Comcast Would Be Interested in Vice Media and BuzzFeed: the massive drop in traditional TV viewing
• OTT Could Grow to $12B Industry by 2018, Says Ooyala Report:
Netflix will continue to dominate the field, although its market share will diminish as competitors find an audience. What will emerge, however, is room for niche OTT services. It predicts that 15 to 20 specialized services will acquire 100,000 or more paying customers by 2018. Many other niche services will get by with smaller subscriber bases. Key areas for niche growth include sports, kids, anime, foreign shows and movies, ethnic content, and services created by a single celebrity, such as a politician or comedian.

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