April–June 2016

WebRTC, live streaming, messaging
• IOC to control live streaming from Olympic events:
Videos of Olympic events and competitions can be taken by accredited persons but must not be shared or posted without the consent of the IOC. Broadcasting images using live-streaming apps such as Periscope is also prohibited.
• WeChat’s global expansion has been a disaster
• M51 WebRTC release notes
• WebTorrent + MediaRecorder

Web audio and video
• New codelab: High performance video for the mobile web

• A fond farewell to Flash: 'if it weren’t for Flash there would most likely be no Netflix, no Meerkat or Periscope, no YouTube, no Facebook Live'.

• The Data Plan API: allows applications to learn about the user's mobile data plan and adapt behavior accordingly

Adaptive streaming
• QoE for DASH streams:
Interestingly, the start-up delay does not necessarily influence the QoE but buffer under-runs or stalls will definitely and also significantly impact the media experience and, thus, shall be avoided at all.
• Netflix Introduces New Cellular Data Controls Globally
• Netflix to make first original series in India
• VPNs no match for client-side geo-blocking
• Vidyo joins Alliance for Open Media
• In five years time Facebook "will be definitely mobile, it will be probably all video … .The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video" — Facebook EMEA VP Nicola Mendelssohn.
• England’s 2-1 Euro 2016 win over Wales was watched live on the BBC Sport website by a record 2.3 million people.

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