October–November 2016

Flash, plugins…
• Challenges of HTML5 media playback at the BBC: 'IE11... thinks it doesn't support AVC3, but does ... Safari <= 9 ... thinks it supports AVC3, but doesn't'
• Moving Beyond Flash: The Yahoo HTML5 Video Player

• Comscore 2016 US Mobile App Report:
Word-of-mouth nearly as important as app store discovery for native smartphone apps (and rising); total-minutes-spent-in-apps beginning to decline ... 
[M]obile audience growth is being driven more by mobile web properties, which are actually bigger and growing faster than apps ...But mobile web audiences also tend to be a mile wide and an inch deep. As audiences increase, average time on mobile web declines.
Many of the fastest growing apps are services that improve existing real-world behaviors, such as hailing cabs, exercising and dating.
• The internet has been quietly rewired, and video is the reason why: Increasing proportion of video internet traffic means CDNs are taking over: 'The internet today is no longer tiered ..: it’s the flattening of the internet.'

<video>, <audio>, <canvas>, <img>
• Apple and Google Browser Tweaks Could Boost Mobile Video: WSJ article expressing concerns at data usage.
• Intent to Implement: Shape Detection API: hardware-accelerated detection of image features (human faces, QR codes, etc.)
• Min Vid Firefox Test Pilot experiment: watch videos in a small window over other tabs
• ImageCapture (API for taking photos — demo at simpl.info/ic): Intent to Experiment, Enable ImageCapture origin trial experiments
• Intent to Ship: Remote Playback API: this will enable audio and video elements to load, play and control media on a remote playback device
• MSE (an API for constructing media streams in JavaScript) is now a W3C Recommendation
• Given its properties, can a specified piece of media content be played at all?
• Will playback have high quality (smoothness)? Will it be power efficient?
• Do output capabilities (e.g. color gamut, dynamic range, audio channels) match content?
• Are security requirements (e.g. encryption, HDCP, etc) supported or playback-impacting?
• Given multiple possible media formats, which is preferable?

• DRM and Web security: Ian Hickson article calling on W3C members to endorse a proposal 'to require each company working on the EME specification to sign an agreement that they would not sue security researchers studying EME'.

WebRTC, messaging, realtime, live streaming
• WebRTC: From The Ground Up: Nick Chadwick talk at Demuxed2016 (ht @tsahil)
• Facebook Messenger Lite launched: <10MB, 'starting to roll out to people in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Look for Messenger Lite in other countries in the coming months.'
• Line made $271 million from stickers in 2015 up 38 percent from 2014 (article from a few months back)

And finally...
• Browser media capabilities: Bitmovin page that tests your browser for CDM/codec support, and provides information about MSE, codec, CDM and adaptive streaming support for major browsers on desktop and mobile
• Detailed study by UK telecoms regulator Ofcom: Children and parents: media use and attitudes

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